The Social Innovation Program (SIP) at Sequoyah High School develops students’ empathy and desire to be thoughtful, effective changemakers. It encourages students to cultivate their passions and hone their interests while making a difference in the world. Our four-year curriculum exposes students to complex issues and injustices in both local and global communities; and helps them to learn strategies for addressing those issues with meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Every Friday afternoon, each student devotes time to SIP. For example, students might be off campus conducting interviews at City Hall or visiting a local non-profit organization. Back on campus, they might be learning systems thinking techniques for mapping out the causes and effects of the region’s most pressing issues. In addition, depending on the time of year, students might be more focused on looking introspectively to find responsible ways to intervene into issues such as water pollution, homelessness, or food waste.


The Social Innovation Program’s design is based on these beliefs:

  • Problem finding is just as important as problem solving

  • Every issue requires a particular fieldwork research plan

  • Being specific with actions is more responsible than trying to devise universal fixes

  • Each student has a particular relationship to changemaking, which they will discover


By the end of the four-year program, students will:

  • Become confident researchers who study complex issues by talking to people and visiting places

  • Be optimistic in their ability to facilitate change

  • Have their assumptions about the world challenged

  • Learn to fluidly navigate between divergent and convergent ways of thinking

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